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Clearing 2017: Patryk Angielski's journey from Clearing to a job in banking

26 July, 2017

Patryk AngielskiPatryk Angielski completed his degree in Banking Practice & Management in 2016, which he joined through clearing and now works in internal audit for a leading global bank.

Originally from Poland, Patryk originally intended to study architecture, but was unsure that this was the right path for him. Having performed well during his A-levels in the financial capability qualifications offered by us, and having undertaken work experience as an assistant management accountant, he decided instead to apply to the banking and finance specialist, where he was attracted by its links to the city and the academic community’s industry experience.

The mixture of practical and academic nature of the degree programme, according to Patryk, set him apart when applying for jobs in the banking industry. Patryk says:

I was able to use this knowledge to my advantage during the recruitment and selection process. My degree course covered a variety of topics from leadership and management to accounting, risk management and technology. My broad knowledge was recognised by the interviewers and continues to serve me well as I work on tasks in various business areas.

“I currently work in two teams within internal audit - COO & Operations and Risk. I have undertaken various tasks, for example testing the system and reconciling outputs to source, assisting with budgets and forecasts, and assessing the control environment for model risk."

Patryk uses his degree on a day-to-day basis and is already planning for his longer-term career:

My aim now is to grow as I take on new challenges over time. As I am genuinely interested in every part of banking, I want to remain flexible and gain more experience across different business areas before I decide in which area I want to build a career.”

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