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Becoming a Career Champion: First 90 days in a new job.

31 July, 2017Nadim Choudhury

Summer is here and we have said farewell to our third year undergraduate students, many of whom have already secured and started graduate level jobs. When joining a new organisation, the first 90 days are absolutely crucial for making the right first impression. Below are my top 5 tips on how to make the transition from a student to a successful employee and will ensure that you get off to a fantastic start in building your personal brand.  Even if you’re not a recent grad, don’t worry, the below tips are applicable for all.

  1. Don’t be shy – introduce yourself

    It is important to clearly introduce yourself with a smile to everyone new that you meet, tell them who you are, what role you are in and ask them a specific question about themselves. When you are speaking with individuals make sure you make clear eye contact and actively listen to what they tell you, making a good first impression will really help your work colleagues remember who you are. Be interesting and interested!Compressed - Women working at computer

  2. Have a clear idea of who makes the decisions!

    In every organisation, department and team there are people with influence. It is important that you identify these individuals and make sure you get on their radar. By making a positive impression on these decision makers you will be able to find out how operations and procedures are conducted in your new organisation. Influencers can be found at every level of an organisation and doesn’t just apply to managers or leaders.

  3. Address your skills gap

    When you enter the world of work, you will soon realise that there are certain skills that you are lacking, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have no one usually has all the skills to do the job perfectly.  A lot of graduate recruiters have mentioned that certain skills such as advanced excel and PowerPoint are seriously lacking among new entrants. There are many ways you can improve your skill set, think about doing an intensive online summer course or find out about internal work development opportunities. 

  4. Quickly understand and adapt to the corporate culture

    All careers and organisational studies suggest that people are most happy in a workplace when their own personal values are aligned with the values of the organisation. One of the top reasons that graduates leave organisations is because they fail to adapt to the working culture. Find out how the culture of the organisation manifests itself into daily work life, and adapt to it, this is the quickest way of gaining trust among your new colleagues.

  5. Be wary of alcohol
    The temptation to go out for a few drinks with your new colleagues will be forever present, but be careful of your behaviour in social situations outside of the office. While it is important to socialise with your work colleagues, it is important to always be in control, you will not do yourself any favours when trying to make a good impression if you have one too many drinks and do things you might regret! It will be difficult to shake of any negativity that comes from such situations

    For further  tips on your first 90 days, make sure you read the book by Michael Watkins, this is for more senior leaders but many of the learning can be applied to new graduates!