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The London Institute of Banking & Finance Shortlisted for FAB 2017 Awards

08 August, 2017Alison Pask

The London Institute of Banking & Finance has been shortlisted for the Federation of Awarding Bodies’ 2017 awards.

The awards, now in their third year, aim to celebrate the contributions made by awarding bodies to the development of education and skills in the UK. 

FABThe London Institute of Banking & Finance has been shortlisted for the FAB’s “Innovation of the Year” award for its Lessons in Financial Education qualification.

Lessons in Financial Education (or LiFE) has been developed as an accessible e-learning program, to give young people and adults the chance learn money management skills and improve their financial capability.  More than 1,900 adults and children have received the qualification since its launch in June 2016. Recipients can access the online learning resources anywhere, including at home. Doing so gives teachers in schools and colleges greater flexibility in the classroom and gives young people the chance to learn vital money management skills at a young age.

LiFE’s delivery goes beyond schools – adults across the UK are accessing the course to learn money management skills such as budgeting, saving and spending and borrowing responsibly. 30 adults in vulnerable groups and/or with disabilities have received financial education through the LiFE course thus far, with hundreds more set to do so in future. .

Speaking about the nomination, Alison Pask, Managing Director for Financial Capability and Community Outreach at the London Institute of Banking & Finance, said: “We’re thrilled to receive this nomination. Now more than ever, schools’ resources are stretched and it’s vital that providers offer educators the tools they need to provide children with the highest standard of education. Providing our LiFE courses via an e-learning platform makes the content accessible for students and teachers.

“Financial capability among the UK population remains low and educating children and adults alike on the importance of managing their money correctly is a huge step towards solving the issue in the long term. The content on offer through our LiFE course and the flexibility offered by delivering this via e-learning will, we hope, help improve levels of financial capability among adults and young people across the country.”

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