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Shipston High School – a thriving Student Investor Challenge school

22 September, 2017Debi Howell

Student Investor Challenge (SIC) is a big thing at Shipton High School in Warwickshire.

At this competitive school, everyone wants to win SIC! And by everyone, I mean students and teachers! The trip to New York is a big wow factor for them and for several years they have been running an inter-House competition.

How does it work as an inter-House Competition?

Year 11 student Millie explains.

Shipston High School is for 11-16 year olds and it has 4 Houses. Years 9 to 11 take part in SIC with one team per form being entered for the competition. So they have 12 teams in total. House points are given depending on your final position. The first placed team gets 12 points and twelfth placed team gets 1 point. To put this into perspective, SIC is worth as many House points as sports like House Football and Rugby, it’s that serious.

When and where do students spend time working on SIC?

One or two weekly updates are given out by the lead teacher Phil Moyle. The updates are highly anticipated as they find out how their team has fared with the weeks trading. The teams of four students meet at lunchtime in their form rooms or library along with other students in their form, who help them make decisions. Some teams even meet up out-of-school at someone’s house.

Does it help having teachers play?

Year 11 student Amy comments on this.

Students enjoy their teachers taking part as it gives them a challenge! Their teachers were too good for them last year though so they are all geared up to beat them this year and gain the bragging rights!

What do Shipston High School students learn by taking part in SIC?

Year 11 student Georgia explains how it prepares them for real life.

Students at Shipston High School are so passionate about SIC and believe it provides them with valuable life skills. They enjoy that the challenge is about real companies but they are glad that it is a game and not their own money when the markets fall!

Have you signed your team up yet? Find out more about entering your school for SIC 2017.

New this year there is an additional challenge to test your individual trading skills with Amplify Trading – the ReTrader App.

- Debi Howell is the Financial Capability Manager for Wales and South West England.