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Studying CeMAP Diploma: One month in and going strong

19 October, 2017Michael Nicholls

Michael NichollsHaving extolled the benefits of studying for a professional qualification to hundreds of potential students over the years, I became a student again myself.

I completed the CeMAP exams many years ago (and the ACIB in Victorian times) and in a moment of madness, I decided to re-visit my pre -Mortgage Market Review (MMR) days as a broker and ramp up my knowledge level. Like most students, the thought of digesting 18 study units and in excess of 400 pages over 12 weeks was daunting. But taking my own advice, I remind myself that it’s all about structure, more structure and lots of planning. The days of getting up before the kids to study are now well and truly over – nowadays, they’re usually coming in from a night out at six in the morning.

Given my role as Relationship Director at The London Institute of Banking & Finance, it’s hard not to be biased but I have enjoyed my study experience so far. You are well supported with the CeMAP Diploma student forum, variety of online tools, specimen paper (clever use of technology) and of course the old-fashioned textbook – logical, well written and the layout helps break down the learning points. It’s just a shame there has to be an assessment at the end of it....

I’ve even surprised myself by feeling confident enough to book the AMA1 exam (the date will not be divulged at this stage). Oh well, here goes….WATCH THIS SPACE!

- Michael Nicholls is a Relationship Director at The London Institute of Banking & Finance.

Find out more and register for the CeMAP Diploma on the qualification page.