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CeMAP Diploma: Sitting the multiple-choice exam

26 October, 2017Michael Nicholls

notes-macbook-study-conferenceSo having booked my exam for the first part of the Level 4 Advanced Mortgage Advice module, I tried to train my mind on revising with the aim of peaking on the day of the exam, whereupon the knowledge would flood out of my brain at the appropriate hour… That was the plan anyway.

The voices in your head get louder as the exam date draws near, with questions such as: ‘Will they ask a question on this topic?’, ‘Have I done enough study?’, ‘Am I ready or shall I postpone?’… ‘Where’s my passport?’

The answers were generally; yes I had done everything I could do to confidently learn the key learning points in the textbook. I guess a good barometer of how much time you’ve spent studying is that you can’t actually remember what you did with the time you spent studying before you started. It seems like a lifetime ago, not just 10 weeks …! However, it must be said; I have enjoyed the study for the exam and found the topics on the self-build projects, relevant mortgage market legislation (having been out of the market for a few years) and property defects, of particular interest.

The exam itself confirmed the rumours which had been circulating on the Student Forum… tough, and a decent stretch compared to the Level 3 CeMAP, even though it was only multiple choice. Am I the only student who looks at the first question on the screen and thinks ‘I must be in the wrong exam…?’ Then the nerves subside and the brain warms up like a reliable old car and hey presto….I PASSED!

Now the exam is out the way, I can reflect and feel confident with the knowledge I have learnt. The course does provide you with a solid level of knowledge relatable for the workplace. As well as all the pre-exam support, there is also an Examination Analysis sheet you can download after the exam to see your areas of weakness. Extremely useful so you can ensure you are clued up on these before the coursework assignment comes around.

Now a week or so to catch my breath and then the coursework part begins.

- Michael Nicholls is a Relationship Director at The London Institute of Banking & Finance.

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