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Becoming a Mortgage Advisor: Taking the Leap of faith

31 October, 2017Craig Adams

Craig AdamsCraig Adams, a father of two, is a Mortgage and Protection Consultant for Signature Financial Services in Newcastle-under-Lyme. But, only 6 months ago Craig was working as a hardware engineer. Craig’s expertise was mainly in fixing computers and projectors, and this was his usual routine all his life.

However, after becoming bored and disillusioned in his current role Craig wanted to make a change:

"I had a general interest in the financial industry. The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP) qualification itself was reasonably priced, an amount which I could pay for myself.

I had read all the info on the website and I must say I was sceptical,

  1. If I would be intelligent enough to complete the course
  2. If I would have the time (1 child and 1 child on the way, whilst working full time)
  3. If I would actually make this my new career.

In hindsight, I would definitely consider it one of my greatest investments over the last few years."

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Trust in the process

Craig praised the learning process and described it as "easy to use." He felt at ease with the number of resources which more than covered what you needed to know to successfully complete the qualification. He, in fact, credits the accessible resources which enabled him to maintain his well-balanced lifestyle after taking on the qualification, while continuing his day job and looking after a young family

"I would generally manage around 2 hours a couple of nights a week, however, I liked to fill any spare 10/15 minutes studying using my smartphone, as everything was very accessible online."

The challenges

‘It’s easy to become distracted, you have to manage your distractions and stay committed. It’s definitely hard work, however, if you want it enough it’s possible and very do-able. From my personal experience, it was something that I really wanted to do, and if that’s the case you have to just go for it.

There are times when you can’t be bothered and miss a week here and there, but that’s fine, I was able to pick it up afterwards!’

Craig also decided to take on the CeMAP Diploma as well as a means to stand out from the crowd and to enhance his learning and show distinction to his potential customers. He is definitely standing amongst a distinguished proportion of Mortgage Advisors who have achieved the Diploma on top of the industry standard CeMAP.

Craig was lucky enough to be offered two jobs after successfully completing the CeMAP Diploma and is currently on his way to becoming fully competent with a have successful future in his chosen career.

CeMAP is recognised industry wide as the benchmark qualification for mortgage advisers. If you are interested in taking the CeMAP professional qualification, register your interest with The London Institute of Banking & Finance today.