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Applying for UK university: You've applied for uni, so what's next?

30 November, 2017Natalie Peters

people-woman-girl-writingNow that you’ve submitted your application to UCAS, a huge feat in itself, you’re still not quite finished! Universities will be responding to your application over the next few months and you’ll need to decide where you will actually be studying from in September. 

Making your decision

Universities will be running 'offer holder' days and more open days for you to experience life as a student. As you will have narrowed down your original search to 5 choices, why not visit them again and make sure you take in everything they have to offer you and ask any questions you have.  

Speak with current students and make use of their uni Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn accounts to see what student life is like throughout the year – they will be making an extra effort to impress you on your visit so dig a little deeper to make sure they’re not making false promises.

Read up more on your chosen courses. What career paths are available to you? Are there optional modules that suit your interests? Three years of hard work is a lot more satisfying if you find the subject interesting and can picture where it could take you.

_MG_2310What if I’ve decided I’m not happy with my choices?

A lot can change in a few months. Maybe you’re not quite sure about a town-based university? Maybe you’re thinking a bit more about the future and you want to choose a more specific course that will help you in your career? Your idea of your perfect university can change, and that's all right. 

Whatever the reason for your change of mind, there are still options available to you. UCAS Extra opens on the 25 February, this allows your to add options if you decline your original offers. Once you have found a course that you want, speak with the university to double check that they are available in Extra and then submit your choice.

It then works exactly like UCAS Track, either accept the offer if one is made or decline it and find another course. You can do this as many times as you need to until you find the right place for you, it doesn’t close until July so you have plenty of time.

Didn’t get the offers you wanted?

Don’t panic. You also have the chance to go through UCAS Extra or you can wait until Clearing opens in July. Thousands of courses from almost every university will be available in Clearing – this might be a good opportunity to think outside the box, consider a university or course you haven’t before. 

Making the grade

You may have the offers you want and you may be certain about where you want to study this September but finishing up at school or college is still in between you and your first day of university. That extra bit of revision or essay research can make all the difference to your grades, making sure you meet the requirements of your offer.

What else could I do?

Just because you’ve filled out an application or accepted an offer, doesn’t mean you actually have to go university. There are so many alternatives to going to university so why not give them a look – you never know what might appeal to you.

Don’t forget to check UCAS’s key dates to make sure you don’t miss any deadlines and to see what’s available to you along the way.