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A Year in the Life of a Year 1 Student

19 December, 2017Jake Lunness
Jake Lunness is a Year 1 Finance, Investment and Risk student. Reflecting on his first year studying with The London Institute of Banking & Finance, he touches upon a typical academic year for a full-time student. 

"Having now concluded my first year of university studies with The London Institute of Banking & Finance, it is rather reassuring to look back on how far I’ve come in such a short period of time! books

Coming into university I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but the institution’s summer maths programme, which runs in September prior to the start of term, gave me a great opportunity to meet my fellow classmates and to develop an understanding of the mathematical aspects of the course. The new student induction was a great icebreaker and really put me at ease. We took a guided tour of the city to get a better feel for our surroundings, and even attended a karaoke night at a local pub, which made for some great memories!

In regards to the faculty, each lecturer is an expert in their field and does a fantastic job of making the modules interesting and stimulating. I found the classroom environment to be very relaxed and the lecturers always allow time for questions if you’re struggling or simply want to develop a further understanding. If you require additional assistance you can schedule a 1 to 1 meeting with your lecturer or email them for an even quicker response. The course content in modules such as Economics and Financial Instruments has kept me motivated and focused due to the relevance to my career aspirations.

The careers support at The London Institute of Banking & Finance has been second to none! The Careers & Employability team is made up of professionals who are very familiar with the graduate recruitment process, and who genuinely care about your progression. Services offered include 1 to 1 career coaching, CV and cover letter support, personal development workshops to help you find your role within financial services, and even interview support. From early on in the course you also gain exposure to alumni working in the sector, as well as Amplify Trading, a proprietary trading firm that operates within the Lovat Lane building.

Coming from a small town in Yorkshire, London life was a massive culture shock for me. The City offers a plethora of shops, bars and clubs giving you lots to see and do. You also have an abundance of financial institutions at your doorstep giving you a fantastic opportunity to get involved with Insight Days and internships, directly contributing to your personal and professional development.

This has been a great first year at university. I have made some great friends and can’t wait to return in the autumn!"

- Jake Lunness, Year 1 – Finance, Investment & Risk 

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