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Why study a Masters degree in Banking Practice and Management?

26 February, 2018Toby Brown
compressed"The MSC isn't just about the piece of paper that says you have a Masters, it is so much more than a tick-box qualification."

That's right, the Masters may mean an prized couple of letters after your name, but making a decision to study for Masters is a big one. It requires dedication, but the benefits could be career changing, as highlighted by our Head of Careers in our last blog.

But, to help those who are uncertain, we've listed our top few reasons for taking on the MSC in Banking Practice and Management with us at The London Institute of Banking & Finance.

The Students!

Undoubtedly, the most special aspect of this programme is our students. It might sound clichéd but the students really do make this course. Located in all corners of the globe and with industry experience ranging from one year to over thirty, the students are, without exception, highly motivated individuals with the ambition of rising to a management position within the banking industry. With the diverse nature of the cohort, it is a wonderful opportunity for students to interact and network with those in influential positions in the industry. 

A relevant and up-to-date qualification

The financial services industry does not stand still and this has never been more true since the financial crash. That's why it's absolutely imperative for any business management course to be current and relevant. The online learning materials for MSc in Banking Practice and Management are updated upon each delivery. What's more, the programme's digital environment enables topicality to be embedded at all stages, whether through online discussions, webinars or module videos. As a student on the course, you'll always be at the hub of what's going on in the global arena. 

Industry Input

From the design of the course to the teaching of each module, there is real world input throughout, with almost all members of the programme team having gained experience from a management career in banking. Exclusive videos featuring interviews with senior industry players also form a key element of each module. As summed up by a graduate of the MSc in Banking Practice and Management, the programme offers a "unique blend of academic learning, with a focus always on the real world. By being in the real world the benefits are much more tangible." 

compressed2Small Class Sizes

It can be tough finding yourself in a vast lecture hall, among hundreds of other students, you feel simply just like a number. Our strategy centres on small class sizes, enabling us to provide an extremely high level of tailored academic and administrative support, ensuring we've always got time to answer any difficult questions that require face to face time. Our aim is that, even though you may be studying a distance learning Masters, you never feel too far away from LIBF, your peers or the programme team. 



What makes the Associateship so valuable? It is only available to LIBF Graduates, which really does ensure that our postgraduate students stand out in a highly competitive market. Furthermore, the Associateship is highly respected within the sector, demonstrating the acquisition of the knowledge and understanding required to undertake a leadership role in financial services.

Find out more about our Masters Degree which can make you stand out in the industry and potentially thrust you into senior positions.