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Apprenticeships: The best bits!

08 March, 2018Phoebe Frost

fintech careerAs part of National Apprenticeships Week, we interviewed a few of our in-house apprentices. Today we hear from Phoebe, who works in Learning Resources. 

My name is Phoebe Frost and I am 17 years old. I previously attended Sixth Form and worked for Subway. I am now currently a Learning Resources Apprentice for The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF).

In my apprenticeship I mostly work with the qualifications. I liaise with authors as well as help with the yearly updates for our Financial Capability (FC) qualifications. My job roles are very mixed throughout the week. Working on the "Moodle" course sites on a Monday and Tuesday and then working on the qualification updates the rest of the week.

1. How would you say you have progressed as a professional since starting?

Phoebe: I have progressed massively working at LIBF. Firstly my confidence has increased as I have had to communicate with both internal and external colleagues. My general vocabulary and literacy skills have improved from writing emails and creating bespoke business documents. I have also gained a lot of responsibility while working in the company which has benefited my time management skills.

2. What is your career looking like after your apprenticeship, are you looking to stay on, or has it focused your mind to something else?

Phoebe: I am only 6 months into 18 month apprenticeship however the LIBF are a brilliant company to work for if you like fast paced work in a quiet environment. However, when I finish my apprenticeship I am hoping to carry on working in an office based environment. I previously worked in a fast food franchise and that really wasn’t for me, I definitely wouldn’t want to go down the retail/food industry work line again.

3. What skills have you learned from your time in the workplace?

Phoebe: While working at the LIBF I have attended two internal training courses run by the Athelbrae, both of these courses have improved my skills in different ways, these were;

  • Report Writing, which improved my vocabulary skills and helped me to avoid waffling when writing different types of business documents.
  • Assertive communication; this increased my confidence through assertiveness.

compressed boss woman4. What’s the best aspect of your apprenticeship?

Phoebe: The overall opportunity and alternatives my apprenticeship presented. I can never say that I considered going to Uni, that’s one of the main reasons why I opted for an apprenticeship rather than sixth form. Going to lessons or lectures for a few hours really wasn’t my way of learning. I feel a lot more relaxed with the college work, having an apprenticeship and the opportunities a business administration apprenticeship can present you in the future.

An apprenticeship is an ideal way of staying in education, being able to earn money and learning about the working world all at the same time.

Being an apprentice is also an ideal way of making the first step on the career ladder, if it’s the organisation that you’re currently working for or just to build up your CV. An apprenticeship will add vital professional experience. 

5. If you could give any advice to young people contemplating an apprenticeship, but are still unsure, what would it be?

Phoebe: I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is looking to jump straight into the working world with no trouble. You get paid to work and gain a qualification all at the same time. I currently work 9-5 Monday/Friday; I have the weekend off, earn a good wage for my age and get holiday pay.  

The London Institute of Banking & Finance are supporting National Apprenticeships Week 2018. Find out more about what apprenticeships services we offer. 

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