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Student Investor Challenge Finalist: Ryan's Mandem Fund

25 April, 2018
ryans mandem fundWith the live Student Investor Challenge Final only days away, we hear from another team of four hoping to lift the trophy, over to Ryan's Mandem Fund...

We are a mixed team of 2 boys (year 11) and 2 girls (year 10). We formed a team after all showing interest in the financial markets. Although our school doesn’t offer business and economics in its curriculum, Ryan took it upon himself to train us, from start to finish. He taught us, as well as a few other groups of students, about the markets and how to be competent traders. Also, shout-out to our quality teacher Mr Teeling, who is motivating us to give it our best shot in the final. We believe that if students are given the chances to innovate by schools, the successes will be endless.

What motivated you to take on the Student Investor Challenge?

Ryan was informed about the ‘Student Investor Challenge’ by a lecturer at a Peter Symonds college open evening. The idea of Bringing the film “trading places” to life was too good to be true at first but, eventually, all of us caught onto the dynamic of the dream, and the Mandem Fund was born.

What have been the major challenges so far in the competition?

We had a rough start during the semi finals. This was because we had timed our technical analysis for the rns releases of the first two Thursdays, being battered by the Friday fluctuations. But, long story short, we learned from our mistakes.

Were you consistent throughout the tournament? Or did you jump up and down?

For the first round, we maintained 1st place until the end. For round 2, it was mainly about recovering and gaining a spot in the top 8.

_JDP9510 - CopyHow have you managed your time, juggling the competition and studies?

Seeing as two of us in year 11 have GCSEs around the corner, it was tough to balance revision with the competition. However through after school sessions and many late night whatsapp calls, we managed to sustain a decent position from solid game plans, leaving time to revise.

What do you envisage as the most difficult part of the final and how are you taking it on?

Lunch, because it’s difficult to concentrate on food properly  (with all that adrenaline). There might be no tomato sauce (BIG trouble)....Oh, and fitting everything in the presentation into 8 minutes… BRING ON THE FINAL!

What’s the backstory behind the team name?

We believe that “mandem” are your friends whom you get to know and trust through working together and sharing challenges. We chose this name to tackle the stereotypes of successful traders but, to also outline the opportunity in the financial industry as a result of persistence, regardless of background, race, age or gender. This was Ryan’s philosophy . And, as a young team of 14 and 15 year olds, we proudly step up to the challenges of the final.

Any funny stories while trading?

No. The markets sucked the life out of us, like leeches.

How do you feel you have grown as a team and as individual students while taking part in the competition?

Most of us started off with basic knowledge of the financial markets, but slowly became indulged in the beauty of the markets and what drives a company’s price in either direction. We have all learned different things from each other and have supported each other’s journeys throughout.  

- Harvey Martin (15), Isabelle West (14), Lucy Austin (14), Ryan Rahimikia (15), Ryan's Mandem Fund.  

You can follow the final of the Student Investor Challenge via the dedicated Twitter page on the 27th April.