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Clearing up the facts

09 August, 2018Andreas Beckwith & Natalie Peters

male thinkingClearing has a reputation as a sort of last resort mechanism for applicants who didn’t get the results they were expecting.  While it does serve that function, the truth is that it is far more sophisticated than that. Clearing should be seen as an opportunity, a chance to find what you really want or to discover something new that you might not have thought of before.

While most people already know that Clearing can be used if you didn’t get the grades you were expecting and that were required by your first choice university, but you can also use it if:

  • Your grades were higher than you expected and you're thinking about better options
  • You’ve changed your mind about what you want to study
  • You want to study in a different location

The UCAS application deadline is normally in January, months before your exams and at least 8 months away from starting university. A lot can change in 8 months. You might want to study something else, you may have changed your mind on your end goal, or be concerned about the costs of living away from home; there are endless reasons.

Whatever you’re using Clearing for, make a decision that’s right for you.

'I’ve changed my mind'

Ahmar Asif is a student with us studying a degree in Finance, Investment & Risk. After initially starting an Engineering Degree at a Russell Group University, Ahmar later joined us, as he realised he eventually wanted to pursue a career in banking, and we are a specialist provider of banking qualifications.

Having considered a number of different providers during Clearing, Ahmar was attracted by our academic quality and focus on career support. After visiting our campus in the heart of the City of London, he enrolled.

UCAS applications takes place under a lot of pressure and in the most important year of A-Levels so it can sometimes feel that there is only a small window to decide your future and pick a course.  While it’s natural to feel like that, it’s not the case. You can and should change your mind if what you want from a university changes; you may be concerned about course content and how that will affect your future, or you may have decided the university location doesn’t suit you or is too expensive.  Don’t get stuck with a decision you’re not completely happy with.

'I want to find a better offer'

When you applied to university, your offers were based on your predicted grades – but what if you did better than expected? Clearing is also for you (its called Adjustment, but its part of the overall Clearing Process) and it gives you opportunity to get a better offer.

All types of universities and courses will be available in Clearing – take a look at what’s on offer, maybe you were reluctant to originally apply somewhere because they wanted higher grades, or even got rejected, but with your results in-hand the university might reconsider.

The other great thing about Clearing is that if you already have an offer, you can still shop around risk-free as your existing offer will be secured until you’re ready to accept another one.

'I have to reconsider my options'

Finally, Clearing’s most recognised function is to help students who didn’t get the results they were expecting to find alternatives.  Zoe Denham is a student with us, also studying towards a degree in Finance, Investment & Risk.

Initially Zoe wanted to study banking at an alternative university but when she did not achieve her desired grades, she was forced to reconsider her original plans. While she knew she wanted to pursue a career in banking, she didn’t know where to look. But less than 24 hours later and after a phone call from our student engagement team, she enrolled. Clearing can be as simple as that, so there is no need for panic should you find yourself there come Results Days. 

Clearing is now open for banking and finance degrees at The London Institute of Banking & Finance.