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Graduation - the final hurdle

10 September, 2018Andreas Beckwith

Graduation is a chance to celebrate the great feat of finishing either an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree.  Studying any degree is a big undertaking and graduation gives you a chance to share the special moment with the people most important to you, your parents, partner, family and friends.  It’s such a special day, so it’s important that everything goes smoothly, so we’ve got 5 tips that can help you make the most of it:

  1. Name game

    This is one for before the graduation ceremony.  Graduation is an important event, and the last thing you want is for the person calling your name to get it wrong, so if you have a name that often gets mispronounced, it’s a good idea to write it phonetically and send it to your university so they know how to pronounce it.

  2. Collar 

    Remember to wear something with a collar on the day, it will help to stop your graduation gown from slipping as you can clip your robes onto it..
  3. Hair

    Remember you will be donning your graduation hat, so make sure that your hair is styled appropriately for your graduation hat (and afterwards too)
  4. Staying in touch

    Graduation is also a great opportunity to catch up with your fellow graduates, to speak to them and see what they are doing in the future.It can be a good opportunity to network amongst people who you have studied with. You never know, one of your fellow graduates may know of someone looking for an intern or a job that could be a great fit for you.
  5. Keep calm and carry on

    Finally, the most important thing to do is enjoy the day; you have worked hard for a long time on some intense work.  Whether you have a job, an internship, you plan to take a gap year, or your still looking for something, it’s important to enjoy your graduation, you may not get another one!

We wish everyone who is graduating this month all the best on the day and in the future.