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Team from The London Institute of Banking & Finance emerge victorious at ESCP Europe Energy Trading Challenge 2019

05 April, 2019Mutahara Gofur

LIBF-team-at-ESCP-Europe-Energy-Trading-Challenge-2019The ESCP Europe Energy Trading Challenge 2019 is a two-day event, which took place in February.

The event allowed students from leading universities in Europe, America and the UK to face professionally-crafted trading scenarios. This gave them an insight into an experience representing two full months in the energy industry and taught them how to operate in trading in a ‘real life’ scenario.

Throughout the competition, they were given the chance to network with renowned energy trading professionals from companies such as Glencore, Smart Global and ESCP Europe.

The winning team

Beating 48 teams from 23 top universities, this year’s crowned winners were the ‘LIBF Associates’ – a group of our undergraduates studying our degree in Finance, Investment and Risk. 

Zoya Shah, Alex Morris, George Jackson, and Ahmar Asif, who formed the winning team, took first place with 177 points and a successful profit and loss total of $139,478,441.

In addition to a copper pen mined by Glencore, goody bags and champagne, all team members won a career session with Smart Global. One member of the group was also offered the opportunity to interview with Glencore for a summer internship, working in derivative oil trading.

Alex Fraser, our Chief Executive Officer said:

“What a brilliant performance from the LIBF Associates in the ESCP Europe Energy Trading Challenge! Huge congratulations to everyone who represented the Institute at the event, and had the chance to demonstrate their trading talent and hard work.”

Thrilled with their victory, the LIBF Associates attributed “a tenacious attitude and transferability in your knowledge to a practical environment” to their success. They felt that – aside from winning the competition – making a 90 million profit across three rounds was a huge accomplishment for them.

Career progress

Zoya Shah, a third year Finance, Investment and Risk (BSc Hons) student mentioned that she had “always wanted a career in investment following graduation”. However, after taking part in the competition, she says she has become “much more open to opportunities in the energy industry and consequently am applying to more front office roles such as sales and trading”. 

Despite being the only female member of the group, Zoya did not feel out of place competing in a male-dominated industry. In fact, the experience helped her realise that “a career in trading or energy markets in general is not limited to just men.”

Studying our degrees has given students opportunities to participate in such challenges, as well as opening the door to future career prospects. Alex is in his second year of Finance Investment and Risk (BSc Hons). He says he entered the ESCP Europe Trading Challenge “to gain experience in commodities trading and for the chance to interview for Glencore”.

Likewise, Zoya feels that the vocational aspect of her degree means she will have an advantage in obtaining a graduate job, due to the knowledge and skills she has gained through her modules.

“Going into a job with the basics of finance means that you are likely to pick up and develop your skills more effectively,” she says. As well as the course making her “feel somewhat more prepared for interviews and assessment centres”, it has equipped her for future endeavours.

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