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Student Investor Challenge – Read team RIJJEDs challenge story

23 April, 2019RIJJED team

Team Name: RIJJED from Colyton Grammar Schoolstudent investor challenge - generic image
Team members:
Isaac, Jared, Josh and Robin

With the live Student Investor Challenge Final only weeks away, we hear from one of our finalists hoping to take home the trophy.

Tell us about your team – Who are you?

We're four year 10s who have always been really interested in business and are all very competitive (as you'd expect from four 15 year old boys!)

Why did you take up the Student Investor Challenge? What motivated you to take part?

Our business teacher encouraged as many people to take part in the competition as possible. Last year, we all entered in different teams but gave up after about a week. This year, we were going to do a similar thing but we persisted and we're pretty happy that we did.

What’s the story behind your team name?

It’s a really boring name actually. We just took the first letters of our names to form RIJJ and just added ‘ed’ on the end because we thought it made the name sound better.

What was your approach to the Student Investor Challenge? What was your strategy?

Well at the start we sort of had no idea what to do. We learned as we went but we focused more on our active portfolio with short term investments from the volatile SmallCap market.

We still had no idea about the strategy. Half way through we sort of gave up on it to focus on active, then Sound Energy saved us and we ended actually finishing with a decent strategic portfolio. In the second round we tried to take a fluctuating average of the share price, updating this accordingly throughout the week.

Did you play together, or more as individuals?

It helps to be best friends really. We would always discuss every key decision with all members of our team but if one of us saw an investment opportunity we had the mentality of 'just do it'.

How do you feel you have grown as a team – and as individual students – while taking part in the Student Investor Challenge?

Before this competition none of us had any experience in the stock market at all. We've learned so much in terms of how to invest and just how the stock market works in general. (Isaac has now invested in his own stocks whilst I have thought about it very strongly as well).

Have you got anything you can share about your experience in this competition?

Well we had a funny little stint with Sound Energy when we bought it at 12 sold at 11. Then bought again at 13, sold at 12. And then finally it sort of saved our strategic portfolio and really boosted our active portfolio when we bought at 14 and it went up to about 30.

What have been the biggest challenges so far in the competition?

Guessing share prices in the second round was difficult but also trying to research these case studies with our limited business knowledge is tough as well.

What do you think will be the most difficult part of the final? And how are you preparing for it?

Obviously it's daunting being the youngest there. Especially having so little knowledge compared with some of the other teams. But I think we're really doing well with our research for the case study so the first round could be tough as we don't know exactly what we have to do. But we've shown that we can adapt to situations against the odds, so who knows, anything's possible.

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