FLA launches new SAF training options to improve industry skills

24 April, 2019

The press release below was issued by the Finance & Leasing Association to announce their new Specialist Automotive Finance (SAF) programme which has been relaunched in partnership with us.

The Finance & Leasing Association’s (FLA) Specialist Automotive Finance (SAF) programme has been relaunched in partnership with The London Institute of Banking & Finance, with an improved range of training options for dealership staff that will further increase the professionalism, skills and knowledge in this sector.

From today, those who successfully pass their yearly SAF online test – now called SAF Expert – will accrue study credits towards the more demanding Level 3 SAF Advanced qualification which is accredited by the institute.

SAF Expert will continue to be funded by FLA lenders, and provided free to users, as will SAF Essentials – a new set of basic modules that offer the perfect induction to motor finance by providing a broad overview of the industry and its products.

SAF Advanced, which at Level 3 puts the motor finance industry’s training on an equal footing with the professional courses required in other markets, is now also available on a new app-based learning platform, SAF Advanced Academy.

The app follows the established SAF Advanced syllabus, but presents the material in a more interactive game-format – users can also track their progress, then the app identifies those areas where more study is needed and will generate tests to check the user’s development.

Commenting on the launch, Adrian Dally, Head of Motor Finance at the FLA, said:

“Motor finance is the third largest market in the consumer credit sector, so the current level of scrutiny from regulators and the media should be considered the new normal. Staff training is therefore more important than ever, and the new suite of SAF courses provides a training option for everyone, regardless of their level of experience. Now is the time to make sure that all customer-facing staff have the skills they need to help your business thrive.”

Brian Wilkinson, MD of Corporate and Professional Qualifications at The London Institute of Banking & Finance, said:

“Many consumers lack knowledge – and confidence – about how best to fund their car among the numerous options available to them. It’s critical that car-buyers get the right information and guidance from well-trained motor finance experts. A SAF-expert advisor is best placed to support the purchase decision and provide assurance that customers have made an appropriate choice.”

The new SAF training options are online and ready for use.

Find out about the SAF training options