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Student Investor Challenge – Read team Thanos' challenge story

20 May, 2019Thanos team

Team Name: Thanos from Mill Hill County High SchoolThanos-team---student-investor-challenge
Team members:
Idrees, Lavan, Sarita and Shivam

The Student Investor Challenge Final was few weeks ago. Hear from one of our finalists' journey.

Tell us about your team

We are four friends in Year 11, who attend Mill Hill County High School. We are all studying GCSE Economics at the moment, and we really like the subject.

We all want to pursue Economics related subjects in the future – not least for the money!

Why did you take up the Student Investor Challenge?

It's a great experience and will give us an insight into world of finance and what it is like to be a trader. We took part last year  – and failed miserably – so we wanted to see how much we could improve this year.

What’s the story behind your team name?

Thanos is unbeatable, very much like our team!

What was your strategy?

First round, we split our research into different sectors, but as the challenge continued, we had a ‘bottom-up’ approach.

In the second round, since there were four companies we needed to predict each week – except the last week– we assigned one company per person. And we all researched these companies in depth before making our decisions.

We tended to put in our predictions quite early on in the week, and change before Thursday market closing time if needed. 

Did you play together, or more as individuals?

We worked more as individuals throughout the competition.

We all had our responsibilities, but at the same time we encouraged and checked in on each other.

How do you feel you have grown as a team – and as individual students – while taking part in the Student Investor Challenge?

We have learned to persist even at times of difficulty. And we have developed our skill set and confidence in this sector.

Have you got any stories to share about your experience in this competition?

There was one time where someone forgot something. We shall call these members ‘students X and Y’ for the purposes of protecting privacy and total embarrassment!

November 2018

X: Hey, did you see your investment?

Y: In what?

X: Micro Focus. You've made a £5,000 profit on the investment!

Y: Seriously?

X: Have you not seen?

Y: No.

X: Check on the computer.

Student Y logs on to the computer, goes to the SIC website, looks up to Student X with a guilty smile.

Y: Hey, I have a slight problem. I may have forgotten the password...

I can assure you that Student X did not find this funny at the time!

What have been the biggest challenges so far in the competition?

The semi final was particularly difficult for us, as we had never done it before, and the market was quite uncertain at the time.

In addition, we weren't very familiar with some of the companies we were given in the semi-final, as we didn't invest in them in the first round.

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