The Salvation Army Hadleigh Training Centre starts delivering LiFE

20 June, 2019Samantha Godden
Scott Mowberry, Lorraine Cook and Lindsay Payne The Salvation Army Hadleigh Training Centre has become the latest centre to start delivering our Lessons in Financial Education (LiFE) course, helping their clients to develop financial confidence and capability.

Head of Financial Capability for Community Outreach, Sam Godden said: “I am delighted to be able to help to set up another centre to offer LiFE as part of the long list of other essential services supported by The Salvation Army. Hadleigh Farm Estate is a truly magical place.  

“This is the fourth Salvation Army Centre to be set up to deliver LiFE, having the opportunity to work with them is so important to us. We look forward to setting up more centres around the country in the near future.”

Hadleigh Training Centre Manager, Lindsay Payne, said: “The flexibility of LiFE will fit perfectly within our personalised approach to training delivery and further enhance opportunities to promote and encourage social inclusion and positive wellbeing for every trainee.”

This outreach centre joins many others around the country enabling the LiFE programme to reach vulnerable young people including: children in care, young offenders, school refusers, hospital schools, pupil referral units and many others supported by charities in the community.

Sam Godden and Scott Mowberry from our Financial Capability Team had the pleasure of spending time at The Salvation Army Hadleigh Training Centre recently, to help them to get set up to start delivering LiFE as part of their mission.  

They were joined by Lorraine Cook, Financial Inclusion Development Manager for the Salvation Army, Hadleigh Training Centre Manager Lindsay Payne who showed them around so they could see first-hand the amazing opportunities for the local community.

The Salvation Army and the Hadleigh Training Centre

In 1891, The Salvation Army bought 900 acres of farmland in the Essex village of Hadleigh. Here they developed a pioneering social programme to empower people living in poverty and experiencing long-term unemployment. After more than 125 years of transforming lives, The Salvation Army continues to be at the heart of the local community today.

Hadleigh Training Centre was established in 1990. It provides training opportunities for adults with additional support needs to help them meet a range of outcomes.

Beneficiaries follow personalised pathways which maximise progression through vocational training and transferable life skills in areas including carpentry, horticulture, cycle maintenance, catering, hospitality, IT and functional skills. 

Now the Centre will be able to formally add Financial Capability skills to the list and the chance of gaining a qualification via the LiFE programme.

A shared history

The Salvation Army began on the streets of East London in 1865 when Methodists, William and Catherine Booth, abandoned the traditional concept of a church pulpit to take God’s word directly to the people.  

The movement grew rapidly outside of London and became known as the Christian Mission, with William as its General-Superintendent. In 1878 the name was changed to The Salvation Army.  

Just one year later in 1879 – only a few miles from where this movement started – our own organisation, The Institute of Bankers, was founded by a small group of bank workers to help gain recognition for workers’ skills and expertise in the sector. 

Both organisations share similar core values and are still going from strength to strength today!

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