Talk money, talk pensions: Being able to afford to live life

22 November, 2019Sam Godden

On the last day of Talk Money Talk Pensions week, Samantha Godden – our Financial Capability Relationship Manager for Kent and Essex and Champion for our Outreach Ambitions – tells us about financing holidays and feeding a big family.

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Best financial decision

To check my PPI history! The thought of it seemed such a hassle my husband helped and it was easy.

I soon reaped the rewards and took him on holiday!

Worst financial decision

To apply for a credit card at 18 years of age to pay for a holiday to Ibiza and only paid the minimum payment every month. 

I soon got into difficulty and had to get a second part-time job in a bar to pay it off! 

I now save up for my holiday. I even save my £2 coins in a jar for the spending money – it soon adds up!

Why is FC important to you personally?

Through my outreach work I have seen how literally anyone can become homeless very quickly and the underlying cause comes down to bad money management choices. 

I also want to help break the cycle of financial exclusion in the UK.

What age are you planning on retiring or semi retiring?

I would love to retire earlier than the predicted age of 70!

Or, at least work part-time in my sixties to continue my love of travelling with my husband and help look after the huge number of grandchildren I am dreaming of in later years.

What is your next financial goal?

To remain debt free – apart from my mortgage – but to be able to afford to live my life! 

I would love to pay off my mortgage but feel you also have to get the balance right. Holidays are extremely important to me and building memories. Life is often too short!

Which money decision, each week or month, makes you feel good?

Feeding a family of five is a challenge and buying the food shopping under budget makes me feel happy.

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