Certificate in SME Lending and Alternative Data Level 3 (CSME) launches

01 April, 2020Heather Tilston
Harnessing the power of alternative data will be critical for the future of effective SME lending, says The London Institute of Banking and Finance as it launches new qualification.  CSME leding


Better use of alternative data could help banks bridge the SME credit gap, expand access to credit for small businesses and increase portfolio size, The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) said today. 

SMEs have long faced real challenges in getting fast access to funding, but never more so than now. Using alternative data can accelerate reaching good credit decisions – and for many small businesses that can be critical.

Banks traditionally have struggled to effectively use all the different types of alternative data available, but with new players (big tech, challenger banks and fintech) embracing its use, this is changing rapidly.

To help banking professionals in this challenging environment LIBF is launching a new Certificate in SME Lending and Alternative Data (CSME) – the first to combine SME lending procedures with rigorous alternative data analysis – available from today (2 April).

Alastair Tyler, Managing Director of Global Learning at The London Institute of Banking & Finance, said:

"The current crisis shows just how important fast and efficient funding for SMEs is, and the critical role banks play. Making sure that loans are robust will also be a top priority for banks. Making better use of wider data sources (financial and non-financial) will help banks to meet their client needs and manage the risks of lending more effectively."

The Certificate in SME Lending and Alternative Data (CSME) is designed to build the expertise and skills required to use alternative data effectively, and make better judgements about lending appetite and which SMEs to support. 
Aimed at relationship managers and credit officers in the banking sector around the world, the qualification went live on 2 April 2020. As an online programme, it’s on-demand and takes only around 4 to 6 months to complete.

Find out more about our new Certificate in SME Lending and Alternative Data Level 3 (CSME)