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26 May, 2020Juno Baker

If you’re studying CeMAP, you’re already on your way to becoming a qualified mortgage adviser. The course includes materials to help you succeed, but if you’re looking for an extra boost, take a look at our additional learning tools.

Keys in the lock of a front doorCeMAP is the starting point for mortgage advisers and – as the industry-standard qualification – will help you launch your new career. It’s an online distance-learning course that usually takes about 12 months to complete.

Along with online learning, as a CeMAP student you’ll get written texts, video content and access to a student-led online discussion forum.

But people have different learning styles, so we’ve created some extra resources to make sure you can get the support you want.

The CeMAP Revision Tool

You may have been studying hard, but how do you know how much you’ve remembered?

The CeMAP Revision Tool (CRT) is an online exam practice tool. It includes all our specimen CeMAP exams and will support your learning in each CeMAP module.

As well as exam style questions from our specimen papers, CRT contains additional test questions. You choose the topic you want to test your knowledge on.

Adjust the exam timer according to how confident you’re feeling. You can be tested slowly in the early stages of your CeMAP studies or simulate real-life exam conditions.

You’ll get feedback on any wrong answers which will link back to the right place in the study materials to fill the gaps in your knowledge.

Previous students have described CRT as "indispensable".

Justin Thomas, a mortgage consultant at the Bank of Ireland, said, "The mock tests on the website were a great help – especially [setting] the time to the actual time allowed in a live exam."

CeMAP 2 Module Support

The four units in Module 2 of CeMAP (MORT) cover the mortgage application process, including products, law and the issues borrowers may face after completion.

A lot of the learning is complex and our students told us they’d like more help with this module. In response, we created a flexible learning resource to offer support.

If you’re a visual learner, you’ll benefit from the:

  • audio-visual tutorials covering the most challenging topics, and
  • narrated videos with animation.

To help you navigate the technical content, you’ll find:

  • a jargon buster for every topic, and
  • a comprehensive glossary presented in a flashcard format.

In addition, multiple-choice questions will help you test your knowledge. And case studies will help you understand real-life scenarios – giving you picture of how to apply your learning at work. You’ll be able to answer questions and get detailed feedback on your answers.

Ask the Experts

We’re often told that one of the best things about studying with us is that we work with industry specialists, as well as academics, to design our qualifications.

This not only helps our students apply their learning to the workplace as soon as they qualify, but means we have close relationships with people in financial services – including in the mortgage industry.

If you’d like expert help with your CeMAP studies, why not join our online support forum, ‘Ask the Experts’?

Our team of industry experts is available to give you a greater understanding of topics that come up in the CeMAP course. They will answer your questions and support your studies in any way they can.

Specimen CeMAP exams

If you prefer a simpler revision tool – or only want to focus on one module – you might consider using digital specimen exams.

Specimen papers are a great way to prepare for an exam. They will help you understand the question format and you can use them to identify where you need to do more revision.

After CeMAP

Once you’ve passed CeMAP you’ll be qualified to work as a mortgage adviser – helping people make the right choices on what is likely to be their biggest ever single debt and outgoing.

But CeMAP can also be a springboard for more study in financial services.

You may wish to go above the industry standard with CeMAP Diploma or learn to advise on equity release. If you keep your knowledge up to date with continued professional development, you’ll be able to apply for CeMAP Professional status.

Whatever you decide, CeMAP will give you a solid base for a career in financial services and a strong foundation for the future.

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