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Gender diversity in financial services

22 July, 2020LIBF Webinar
Shelley Doorey-Williams, Wealth Management Leader and Partner, Sionic
Roxana Mohammadian-Molina, Chief Strategy Officer, Blend Network
Emma Wheeler, Director, Client Strategy Office, UBS Global Wealth Management

Did you know that?
40% of global wealth is held by women
40% of entrepreneurs around the world are women
female entrepreneurs are 30% less likely to have access to sufficient funding for their businesses compared to men.

According to Harvard Business School, venture capital firms that increased female partner hires by 10% saw an average 1.5% rise in annual fund returns. We need more women in financial services but how can we bring them into the industry?

We explored this issue at our Women in Finance webinar held on Wednesday 1 July with a panel of experts who are all leaders in their respective roles in financial services.