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How to choose a legitimate CeMAP provider

16 November, 2020Juno Baker

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the Covid-19 crisis – including by offering bogus courses. If you’re thinking about doing CeMAP, you need to check that you’re signing up for a properly recognised course and that any learning support you buy is legitimate.

Young Financial JournalistHere at LIBF we’re proud of our CeMAP course and qualification – the recognised standard qualification for mortgage advisers.

We are the awarding body for CeMAP and have provided learning to over 100,000 professional mortgage advisers since we started. We deliver our CeMAP course through online and distance learning.

But people have different learning styles and some students prefer a study route that is more classroom-based or blended. So we work with carefully selected training organisations that provide CeMAP training in different settings.

This is important because the only way to get a legitimate CeMAP qualification is through us. We are the only awarding body for CeMAP.

If you’re thinking about doing CeMAP and want to take the option of buying supplementary support, here’s how to check you’ve chosen a recognised course.

Protecting CeMAP students from scammers

There are dozens of organisations offering training courses for CeMAP and some of our other qualifications. While many websites appear to be professional-looking, they are not all legitimate organisations.

We have six recognised learning support providers (RSLPs) for CeMAP:

  • Beacon Financial Training Ltd
  • Clarity Financial Training
  • Effectus Learning
  • Futuretrend Training Academy
  • Newleaf Distribution and
  • Simply Academy.

You can find more detail about them on our external CeMAP courses page.

These training organisations have joined our RLSP scheme and deliver appropriate additional learning and training support. 

If it is more convenient for you to study with one of them, you still need to register and complete the CeMAP qualification with us.

CeMAP support materials

As you study CeMAP you may be offered revision courses and learning materials for sale online. 

Please be very wary of buying these – even if they appear to be good value.

Unless they are offered by one of our RSLPs listed above, these materials might be incomplete, inaccurate or out of date.  Please see our RLSP FAQs.

We review our RSLPs regularly – just as we monitor their courses and teaching. That is how we know what they’re offering is of good quality and relevant.

We also offer a selection of additional CeMAP resources to support you while you study.

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