How to become a more successful mortgage adviser in 2021

27 November, 2020John Somerville

The mortgage industry has had to adapt to a fast-changing economy and housing market in 2020. But how can you be sure you stay ahead in 2021? John Somerville looks at how you can show your professional worth with CPD, CeMAP Diploma and digital badges.

2021 written on purple backgroundLooking ahead to the new year, perhaps the only thing we can be sure of is that it’s likely to be as unpredictable as 2020.

The Stamp Duty holiday is due to end on 31 March. It might be extended but then again – with reports of a £1bn revenue drop in the three months to September – it might not.

Also in the spring, regional price caps will cut the maximum value of a home that buyers can purchase through the Equity Loan Scheme. At some point, the furlough scheme will come to an end. And then there’s Brexit.

So how can you best prepare yourself for the challenges of 2021?

Keep on top of your continual professional development (CPD)

The best way to stay ahead of ever-changing circumstances is CPD. We know what we expect to happen, but CPD gives you access to the latest thinking and will give you deeper insights into issues. That will give you, and your business, an edge.

If you haven’t carried out CPD recently, it’s easy to get started. Suitable mortgage CPD activities include:

  • seminars and workshops
  • studying for a relevant qualification
  • webinars
  • podcasts
  • technical updates
  • internal training, and
  • e-learning

Our additional study support materials for CeMAP can all count towards your CPD.

Show clients, colleagues and networks your professional worth

A digital badge is one of the best ways to demonstrate that you offer reliable, informed advice. You can display it on your website, in your email signature, on your LinkedIn profile and any other electronic qualification.

You can get a digital badge by holding CeMAP Professional. If you’re keeping on top of your CPD, you may be already be eligible to apply. CeMAP Professional status will also help you stay on top of your CPD throughout 2021, with exclusive access to resources and up-to-date study materials.

Your credentials will also be stored in our online Professional Services CPD register confirming your status.

Advance your learning with CeMAP Diploma

Many UK mortgage holders will have taken payment holidays in 2020, and will have to face the consequences of that in 2021. This is far from business as usual. So if you want to offer clients more in-depth knowledge and considered solutions, CeMAP Diploma will set you apart from other advisers.

Designed by mortgage advisers for mortgage advisers, CeMAP Diploma is a self-study distance learning course in two modules – one of which is CeMAP, so you’re likely to be halfway there.

In the second unit, Advanced Mortgage Advice (AMA), you’ll expand your knowledge of the mortgage advice process and learn:

  • about specialist mortgage products
  • why consumer-oriented advice matters, and
  • why sound communication and ethical behaviour are so important.

As with any qualification, attaining CeMAP Diploma shows clients and employers that you can offer a more advanced service – and that you’re willing to go the extra mile by building your skills to become better at what you do.

But most important, the practical knowledge you acquire through CeMAP Diploma – and by keeping up with your CPD – will help you, your business and your clients no matter what 2021 has in store.

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