Brightspace: a virtual learning environment to help you succeed

07 December, 2020Juno Baker

We wanted to give our students, the best possible study experience when studying for qualifications in banking and finance. So we invested in a new virtual learning environment (VLE). But what is Brightspace? And how will it help you succeed?

Plant and laptop in a windowOur research showed that our students wanted:

  • a broad range of non-traditional training media
  • to access courses from different devices
  • to study at home and work
  • to use YouTube, LinkedIn, TedTalks, Google Scholar
  • more digital learning, and
  • face-to-face learning, including virtual.

We wanted a platform:

  • with better infrastructure, that would be continuously developed and,
  • that offered our students a better learning experience.

Brightspace stood out because of their:

  • innovation
  • apps
  • user experience, and
  • course calendars that integrate course events and notifications to help users keep up with their study.

What you can study on our new VLE

You’ll already be learning on Brightspace if you’re studying one of our new qualifications:

Over the next couple of years, we’ll be migrating all our qualifications to Brightspace and launching all new programmes on the platform.

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