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How to advance your trade finance career with the skills the sector needs

26 January, 2021Eleanor James

Whether you’ve just started your trade finance career – or you want to solidify your position as a future leader – a professional qualification will help you develop and demonstrate your expertise. We work with the sector to create our trade finance qualifications so they’ll give you the skills and knowledge that employers say they want.

Aeroplane flying above cloudsEvery year, over 5,000 trade finance professionals in over 90 countries choose to study with us to further their career. Professionals like Monica Sepulveda, who recently passed the Certificate in International Trade and Finance (CITF).

“This certification will be a real boost to my professional career.”

Whilst it’s great to hear success stories like Monica’s, sometimes it’s nice to try before you buy so you can see the value for yourself. And that’s why we’re offering you a free trial of CITF.

Why study CITF

CITF is one of our flagship qualifications and is recognised internationally. It allows trade finance professionals, relationship managers and sales staff to bolster their sector experience.

You can complete CITF in as little as four to six months and because it’s an online self-study course, fit it around your schedule and life commitments. In fact, it can even help you with your work while you study.

You’ll learn about:

  • the principles and environment of international trade
  • best practice for mitigating risk and providing finance
  • the difference between the variety of trade finance products.

Former students have told us it helped them to learn more about things they were currently working on as a professional and to obtain more knowledge. In fact, when we surveyed CITF students:

  • 99% said CITF improved their industry knowledge, and
  • 92% of students said they would recommend CITF to a friend or colleague.

Completing CITF shows employers that you have a level of competency and expertise that sets you apart from your peers. In the long run, CITF will also support your career ambitions and longevity.

How to start your free CITF trial

To start your free trial, you’ll need to click on the button below, fill in your credentials and – when prompted – use the access code CITF01.

You’ll be given instructions to log in or activate your MyLIBF account. And once you are logged in, you’ll find the sample CITF qualification material under 'My course websites'.

Start your free CITF trial

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