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Embedded finance: the future of financial services?

17 February, 2021Digital Webinar

Analysts predict that the embedded finance market could be worth over $7 trillion globally within the next ten years - almost twice the value of the traditional banking and finance sector.

While there are now many highly successful examples of finance as a service already in the market, how much truth might there be in these growth predictions and how worried should incumbent financial services providers be?

In this latest webinar from our Centre for Digital Banking & Finance, our host Helene Panzarino will be joined by Jeremy Larsson, who teaches on our new Certified Fintech Practitioner course.

They will look at the different embedded finance models and will explore how they are challenging, or have the potential to challenge, traditional relationships between consumers and financial institutions.

Speaker: Jeremy Larsson, MD of strategy consultancy, GrowthSmart

Learn more about our Centre for digital banking and finance: https://digital.libf.ac.uk/

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