Central Bank Digital Currencies: game changer or digital hype?

14 April, 2021LIBF Digital
In the latest webinar from our Centre for Digital Banking and Finance, we will be joined by Jeremy Wilson, Chairman of the Whitechapel Think Tank, as well as members of the Future of Payments Work Group, Jannah Patchay and Jim Ford.

You'll hear their views on how the foundations of this digital transformation will affect the British pound. They'll discuss the global context that the digital pound will operate in and the requirements arising from this.

Discover the key opportunities, challenges and risks. And hear views on what the role of financial institutions, policymakers and technology providers should be in supporting the development of this new form of money.

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Podcast aftershow

We recorded a podcast episode to go through some of the topics and questions that weren't covered or answered during the webinar. Listen below or on your chosen podcast app.