How to become chartered in banking with the Advanced Diploma in Banking & Finance

22 April, 2021Mutahara Gofur

City of London skyline from the airAre you working in banking and finance and looking for ways to progress in your career? Becoming chartered will help you advance to more senior roles. Our Advanced Diploma in Banking & Finance (AdvDipB&F) programme offers you a route to becoming chartered, while developing your skills and knowledge.

How banking and finance is changing

The banking industry has undergone many changes recently, especially with the continued development of fintech and sustainable finance. The digitalisation of banking was already significant prior to the pandemic, but Covid-19 has accelerated the pace of change.

As the sector becomes more digital, this will only increase customer’s expectations of their banks and the services that they provide

Despite these changes, there will always be some fundamentals that apply to being successful – such as a combination of learning through experience combined with investing in your professional development. These will give you the foundations to progress in your career and provide you with the skills needed to respond better to new challenges.

But what exactly are those skills? And what’s the best way to achieve them?

Develop new skills in banking

Have you completed your Professional Diploma in Banking & Finance? Then our Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Banking & Finance (AdvDipB&F) is the natural next step to becoming chartered.

To complete AdvDipB&F, you need to complete the following three qualifications:

  • Strategic Management & Innovation in Banking (SMIB)
  • Financial Risk Management in Banks (FRMB)
  • Managing Operational Risk & Governance (MOPR)

SMIB will teach you how to understand the digital transformation the industry is undergoing, as well as the threats and opportunities it brings. FRMB allows you to learn how to identify, measure and manage different risks while MOPR will give you a better idea of how to understand and manage operational risk.

These qualifications will equip you with the knowledge and understanding to respond to and manage the changes occurring in the banking sector. All of them are studied online, giving you the flexibility to learn around your other commitments.

Becoming chartered

After completing AdvDipB&F, to become chartered you must:

  • have three years’ relevant work experience
  • commit to a programme of annual continuing professional development (CPD)
  • follow our Code of Ethics

Chartered status is becoming more highly valued by organisations and individual banking professionals. From an organisation’s perspective, being chartered means that their employees hold a high reputation.

For individual banking professionals, it demonstrates that you have achieved the highest level of qualifications within your sector and makes you more marketable. This can boost your employability and open more career opportunities for you.

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