Jobs of the future in finance: cyborgs, coding and compliance?

26 May, 2021Digital Webinar
With the ever increasing adoption of AI, machine learning and robots in banking and finance, it's easy to imagine that, in time, the human role will be purely limited to programming and monitoring these technologies. But is this really a likely scenario? Will there still be a place for traditional banking and soft skills? Is it the case that the jobs of the future simply haven't been invented yet?

In this month's webinar from our Centre for Digital Banking & Finance, Helene Panzarino was joined by Ez Britton, fintech entrepreneur and founder of Code Untapped, Roisin Levine, Head of Banks at Flux and Ant Mazen, Head of Future Skills at Lloyds Banking Group as they explored what the future may hold for jobs and skills in the banking and finance sector.

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After show podcast

Dive deeper into the topic with the panel discussing some of the questions they didn't get to answer during the session.

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