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How Summer University can help you make your university choice

21 June, 2021Renika Klair

Our Summer University is a three-day programme where you can experience university life through fun and engaging activities that replicate studying with us. Lauren Bradford is an LIBF student and attended our Summer University in 2019. She reflects on her experience and explains how Summer University helped her make her final decision.

What are your best memories of Summer University?

Yellow meadow flowersThe university members and staff made me feel extremely welcome on my visit. There was a set schedule for the week which included:

  • team building exercises
  • lectures
  • and many networking events.

We went on a walking tour of the Bank of England Museum.

And I remember taking part in the group Investor Bank challenge, where we created our own bank with helpful guidelines from university staff.

Why is it important to visit the university you’re thinking of going to?

When I attended Summer University, I didn't really know what university I wanted to pick or even if I wanted to go to university at all. Spending the time with LIBF really helped me make my decision.

It helped me to understand how LIBF runs their degree courses and I also got to ask any questions that I needed to while I was there.

How did Summer University shape your future?

It really helped me learn how to network with people as well as grasping some of the fundamentals of banking and finance itself.

And it helped me make a firm decision on what path to take after finishing my A’Levels by highlighting what modules I enjoyed from the taster lectures, including one in fintech. 

Why would you recommend attending the Summer University programme?

It's a great way to get to know the university and the sector itself before fully committing to a university.

It’s also an enjoyable way to network with like-minded students as well as key financial professionals.

LIBF Summer University really helped me make a lot of friends and I met some of the people that are on my course now.

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