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Transitioning SMCR into business as usual

08 July, 2021LIBF Webinar


Julie Pardy, Director of Regulation and Market Engagement, Worksmart
Nic Dent, Propositions & Customer Engagement, Worksmart


The Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) has been part of the regulatory landscape for banking and insurance for 5 years now, and whilst it's much less than that for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) solo regulated firms, there is still uncertainty around how best to align the requirements within firms.

Now that FCA solo regulated firms have passed the deadlines for both directory submissions and the first-ever round of internal certifications, many firms after having taken a welcome breather are now completing the transition of SMCR requirements into "business as usual."

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After show podcast

If you want to hear more from John, Julie and Nic on this then they've produced an after show podcast episode that takes a further dive into the topic and answers some of your questions that were missed from the event.

Listen below or subscribe and listen on your chosen podcast platform.