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Professional designations in the mortgage industry: which one’s for me?

12 July, 2021Sue Wiggins

We recently launched Certified Mortgage Adviser (CMA) status to help our members stand out as accomplished professionals in the mortgage and equity release sectors. Many CeMAP and CeMAP Diploma qualified brokers already hold CeMAP Professional or Advanced CeMAP Professional. So, what’s the difference between CMA and the Professional categories? Sue Wiggins explains.

Key-in-door-lockHow you qualify?

Certified Mortgage Adviser (CMA)

If you're a Member of The London Institute of Banking & Finance (MLIBF) – and actively advising on mortgages or equity release – you’re eligible for Certified Mortgage Adviser status.

You will need to appear on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Register as “giving regulated mortgage advice” at the point of application. We will recheck this status every year when you renew your membership.

If you want CMA status, but aren’t currently an MLIBF, you can apply for membership.

CeMAP Professional

You must be CeMAP qualified to be eligible for CeMAP Pro and if you hold CeMAP Diploma you’re eligible for Advanced CeMAP Professional. But you can hold both these designations even if you’re not currently advising.

So, if you’re taking a sabbatical but keeping up with your continued professional development (CPD), CeMAP Professional might suit you better.

CeMAP Professional helps you demonstrate you’re willing to go beyond the requirements laid down by the regulator to develop as a broker. 

To be eligible for CeMAP Professional status you need to:

  • have held a CeMAP qualification for at least 12 months
  • have completed at least 15 hours of mortgage related CPD in the past 12 months
  • have agreed to take 15 hours of appropriate CPD over the next 12 months, and
  • adhere to our Code of Ethics.

What are the benefits?

House key ring

Certified Mortgage Adviser (CMA)

You’ll receive a secure digital badge showing their CMA status, which you can use for client communications and promotional materials, including email signatures, websites and social media.

Prospective clients can check your credentials through the FCA register. They can also come to our own Professional Services Register for more information about your qualifications and relationship with us.

They also benefit from membership of LIBF, which includes access to regular CPD materials. Membership of LIBF will be included on their FCA Register listing.

CeMAP Professional

As with CMA, you will receive a digital badge to display your achievement digitally in email signatures, websites and social media posts.

Your credentials will be stored in our online Professional Services CPD register confirming your status.

And you’ll have access to CPD resources and study materials, such as the latest CeMAP learning materials and mock exam papers.

What’s the difference between CMA and CeMAP Pro?

The main difference is they signify different things to clients and other professionals.

CeMAP Pro and Advanced CeMAP Pro demonstrate your commitment to professional development. CMA indicates that you’re practicing and appear on the FCA Register.

CeMAP Pro is available to all mortgage advisers – regardless of whether they’re LIBF members, or appear on the FCA Register, or taking a sabbatical from their mortgage advice career.  

Certified Mortgage Adviser is only available to members of LIBF who appear on the FCA register as actively advising. 

Can I have both CMA and CeMAP Pro?

Yes. MLIBFs get a CeMAP Pro at a discount and holding both CMA and CeMAP Pro will give you two digital badges.

Sue Wiggins
Sue Wiggins is CPD Manager at LIBF and supports advisers with their Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Statements of Professional Standing (SPS) and CPD requirements. With over 30 years in financial services, Sue champions a commitment to CPD and keeping knowledge up to date, for regulatory need and personal desire.

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