Cyber Crime and what to look out for

08 September, 2021LIBF Webinar
We are under ever more threat from fraudsters to gain control of our finances, preying on our vulnerabilities and taking advantage of any weaknesses in our system defences. This webinar looks at both sides of the coin regarding the challenges being faced by individuals and financial institutions both of which being the target of fraudsters.

We were joined by Detective Sergeant John Mitchell from the Economic Crime Unit of the Isle of Man Constabulary and he discussed 'Banking Protocol' and its aim which is to identify and prevent individuals being tricked into withdrawing or transferring funds to pass on to fraudsters.

In addition to DS Mitchell we were also joined by Colin Tansley, Managing Director of Intelect Solutions and a regular supporter of the LIBF who discussed the most popular methods that cyber criminals use to target financial institutions and what steps can be taken to strengthen your organisational defences.