Jobs in finance: What does a business banker do?

15 October, 2021Anthony Wright

If you enjoy building relationships, solving problems, and providing excellent customer service then a career in business banking could be for you. This article covers what it’s like to work in business banking and how you can join the sector.


What is a business banker?

Business banking is about helping business owners to select the right financial services and products, including:

  • loans
  • cash management
  • interest rate swaps
  • bank accounts
  • insurance and,
  • foreign exchange.

Companies rely on borrowing, so banks need skilled staff to lay out and explain the best credit options.  

What does a business banker do?

The role of the business banker can vary greatly depending where you work. Some business bankers will focus on providing loans for small companies in need of investment.Others will specialise in funding options for large multinationals who are facing financial difficulties.

Some of the different job titles in business banking include:

  • relationship manager
  • commercial banker
  • small business banker
  • retail business banker.

As a business banker, you would:

  • develop strong professional relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • meet with new and existing clients regularly, listening to their needs and offering recommendations
  • act as the primary liaison between client and financial institution
  • help clients work out what their financial needs are, and point them towards the right financial services and products
  • prepare and present proposals to clients
  • ensure compliance with all national and local level regulation.

Why does business banking matter?

There’s more choice in financial products than ever before, which can be overwhelming for someone who’s busy running a business.This is where the business banker steps in, to explain the options in a way the client will understand.

Business bankers also play an increasingly important role in today’s economy.

They provide essential financial support to businesses that are facing difficult situations and require access to capital. And they’re equally important to businesses who are interested in scaling up and expanding their operations.

For the bank, the business clientele often generates the most profit for them through loans and interest.

What skills does a business banker need?

As a business banker there are certain skills that will help you excel, including:

  • customer-service skills
  • initiative and
  • analytical skills.

To be effective in business banking you need a solid understanding of your customer, their requirements, and the products available to them.

Today’s business bankers also need to have a grasp on new digital technologies, such as blockchain, fintech and open banking. These technologies are reshaping finance, and you will benefit hugely if you have a grasp of these areas.

Being able to act independently, build strong relationships, provide a customer-focused service with highly valuable recommendations is a sure-fire way to succeed in this career.

Which qualifications will help me become a business banker?

Our Certificate in Business Banking (CertBB) is an excellent route to progress into business banking. It will give you an understanding of the operations and key features of business banking financial services and products.

As you progress, you can upskill with qualifications like Level 5 Commercial and Corporate Lending (CCL) to develop your career.

If you’re already in a relationship management position or similar, then you might consider our Diploma in Business & Commercial Banking & Conduct (DipBB&C). This will build your expertise, particularly in business lending, credit analysis and risk.

And if you already have the Certificate in Business Banking and Conduct (CertBB&C) or CertBB, you only need to complete one unit and are entitled to a reduced fee!

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