Take charge of your banking career

19 October, 2021LIBF Webinar
Helene Panzarino, Fintech Programme Director, The London Institute of Banking & Finance Olivier Beroud, Founder, Centre for Governance, Risk and Regulation, LIBF
Rob Thompson, Head of Banking Services, LIBF
Vera Spender Koubek, Associate Director, Centre for Sustainable Finance, LIBF

Our banking qualifications have been designed for those currently in the sector and those looking to get into it. If you're thinking of taking a step up in your existing role, looking to learn some new skills, or considering a career change, we can help you take that next step.
During this webinar, Rob Thompson, our Head of Banking Services, showcased our portfolio of banking qualifications and training programmes.

He introduced our Centre for Governance, Risk and Regulation, our Centre for Digital Banking and Finance and our Centre for Sustainable Finance.