Sustainable finance in action

08 November, 2021

LIBF, in collaboration with Zinc Media, has released the first three films in a series exploring how organisations in the finance sector are playing their part in the fight against climate change.

Investment in sustainable and green initiatives has never been more important or more closely watched.

  • Which organisations are taking a lead?
  • Where are they investing?
  • And what is happening in the short, medium and long term?

The films highlight the power of financial services to drive and enable change. 

This month

WHEBWHEB: Driving Impact in the real world

This B Corp investment firm has built its entire reputation on sustainable investing. WHEB invests in companies that are enabling and benefitting from the transition to a low carbon and more sustainable economy. This means they only invest in companies whose products and services have a positive impact on the environment and/or society, businesses which are solving sustainability challenges.

They've developed a tool called the Impact Engine which analyses products in terms of the environmental and social impact they have in the real world. WHEB also has an Impact Calculator, which brings to life the real-word impacts associated with their clients’ investments.

Sarasin & Partners logoSarasin & SRI: The finance industry is heading one way – towards sustainability

Through years of specialising in sustainable finance, Julia Dreblow from SRI Services has developed a database tool to help financial advisers understand their clients' ESG concerns. Sarasin & Partners was one of the companies she worked with throughout the development process, and they’ve developed Tomorrow’s World –a multi-asset strategy to seek out investments that will be sustainable for the long term. 

AcreAcre: Careers in finance are changing 

From Acre, we hear about recruitment's essential role in achieving change –– and in keeping pace with an expanding and fast evolving sustainable finance landscape which has new and exciting career opportunities.

Coming soon

Standard Chartered will look at addressing capital shortfall in countries where it matters the most: the countries that face the greatest risk from climate change, and the countries that also can leapfrog to low carbon technologies and drive sustainable growth while also eliminating carbon.

Twelve Capital explore the potential of the insurance sector in enabling greater security and focus in achieving sustainability goals

Aegon tell the story of Aegon UK’s road to net zero across their default funds, noting their commitment to sustainability as a firm and as a provider of investment solutions.

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Zinc Media are a critically acclaimed, award-winning, content creation business. They are specialists in factual storytelling and are regularly commissioned to produce content on behalf of Panorama and Dispatches.

LIBF is a professional body, incorporated by Royal Charter. We’ve been providing professional qualifications for those working in the finance sector for over 140 years. Tens of thousands of people around the world study our qualifications – in retail, business and commercial banking, investment and regulated advice – every year. 

LIBF is also the only professional body with taught degree awarding powers. We provide undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for students aiming to pursue a career in banking and finance, and work with major employers in the sector to provide degree and higher level apprenticeships. As the awarding body for personal finance qualifications at GCSE and A'Level, we also help thousands of young people to vital money management skills every year. 

As well as promoting lifelong learning, we exist to promote the role of the finance sector and its positive impacts on society – both in the UK and globally. Sustainability is at the top of our agenda. 

See the first three Zinc Media films at our Centre for Sustainable Finance