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Enhancing geopolitical risk oversight in an increasingly challenging world - after show podcast (Ep.101)

02 December, 2021LIBF Banking & Finance

This episode is a follow-on to a webinar run by our Centre for Governance Risk and Regulation on Enhancing geopolitical risk oversight in an increasingly challenging world. 

Olivier Beroud, Founder, Centre for Governance Risk and Regulation, Hanif Barma, Co-founder, The Risk Coalition, Mark Cliffe, Senior Advisor, KPMG UK, Andrew Cunningham, Founder, Darien Analytics and Derek Leatherdale, Managing Director, GRI Strategies dive deeper into the topic and answer some of the questions that we didn’t have time for during the session.

If you’d like to watch the webinar then go to libf.ac.uk/webinars.

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