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Aegon: a lower carbon world by default

08 December, 2021Sustainable Finance in Action
With climate change a top priority for organisations and governments around the world, LIBF is bringing together key players in the finance sector to highlight organisations and activities that are making a real difference. Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing films from different organisations to show how they’re playing their part.

Aegon, and the wider finance industry, have a significant role to play in the transition to a lower-carbon world. Default funds, and their journey to net-zero, are a big part of this. This short film tells the story of Aegon UK’s route to net-zero and the importance of industry innovation and collaboration. The film highlights their partnership with @Aegon Asset Management and the @Global Ethical Finance Initiative (GEFI) to introduce the new Aegon Global Sustainable Sovereign Bond Fund during COP26.

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