What issues will the trade industry face in 2022? (Ep. 11)

13 December, 2021LIBF Trade Finance
In this episode, Alex Gray talks to Klisman Murati, Founder and CEO of Pareto Economics, on the biggest issues the trade industry and wider financial institutions will face in 2022. They focus on the differences between geopolitical and political risk, climate change, supply chains and many more topics.
They also reflect on what they discussed previously in episode four of this podcast back in April 2020 and assess how things have changed specifically around the effect of COVID19.
As discussed in this episode, Pareto Economics latest Global Power Index 2021 Report can be found here - https://bit.ly/3ymh9tA
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For recertification purposes, this podcast is worth 1 CPD hour


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Pareto Economics bio:

Pareto Economics believes in original thinking and innovation. This allows us to be the only research house and world affairs consultancy which uses original developmental analytics to help investors and policy makers, across established and emerging financial capitals gain better insights into how the world is changing in an era of misinformation and global transformation.

Through innovations like our Global Power Index and Societal Change Matrix, clients are able to take real positions on important issues that matter to them.