Crypto assets: new frontiers for digital currencies and NFTs

16 February, 2022Digital Webinar
Alfonso Delgado De Molina Rius, Faculty member, LIBF
Helen Thomas, CEO, BlondeMoney

With the global market for crypto assets now thought to be worth in excess of US$2.5 trillion, they're not just a bubble. At least not all of them, we hope.

Some believe that crypto-currencies and NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are essential means of creating, storing, protecting and transferring value online. Others see them as the 'wild west' of finance, unregulated, volatile and sometimes little more than a Ponzi scheme. The rest of us are left wondering what on earth an NFT actually is and how the CEO of Twitter could sell a tweet, which anyone can look at online, for US$2.9 million.

In this latest webinar from our Centre for Digital Banking & Finance, we were delighted to be joined by Helen Thomas, esteemed market commentator and CEO of Blonde Money, and by LIBF faculty member Alfonso Delgado de Molina Rius.

We asked Helen and Alfonso to give their views on the growth of the crypto-asset market and what really matters in it. Is this even really a market as professionals understand it?
We explored what these new assets might mean in the future for traditional financial intermediaries, for financial markets and for financial regulation.

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