The return of inflation: an old challenge for a new generation of bankers

15 July, 2022Risk webinar
Andrew Cunningham, Chairman of the Editorial Board for the Centre for Governance, LIBF
Professor Bryan Foss, Risk Coalition
Mark Cliffe, Visiting Professor, LIBF
Paul Fisher, Visiting Professor, LIBF, former MPC member at the Bank of England

For the past 30 years, Europe, North America and much of Asia has enjoyed stable monetary conditions characterised by low inflation and low interest rates.

But now, the Bank of England is predicting that UK inflation approach 10% by the end of the year, and the prognoses for other developed markets are the same.

How will the new monetary environment affect bank performance, and how should directors and senior managers of banks respond?

LIBF's Centre for Governance, Risk and Regulation assembled a team of experts to consider the challenges and opportunities presented by the return of inflation, and to consider different scenarios. Among the themes discussed were:

What is the cause of the increase in inflation, how high could inflation go, and how will monetary authorities react?

How will higher inflation impact banks' balance sheets and earnings?

Responding to these new conditions: action points for board directors and senior managers.

Listen to our after show podcast where the speakers dive deeper into the topic: