Studying at LIBF: from sixth form to university

28 February, 2023Mutahara Gofur
macey fletcher

Macey Fletcher studied our Level 3 Certificate in Financial Studies qualification at college. This led to him completing a BSc (Hons) Finance, Investment & Risk degree with us, and going on to start his career in financial services.

How did studying our financial education qualifications help to develop your understanding of the financial services sector?

I really enjoyed studying it – it was my favourite subject at college. I didn’t find it too challenging, and I liked the content as well. At the time, I was also studying economics and politics and everything I was learning fit together quite well.

I know quite a few people who did the financial education qualifications and a lot of them went on to study at LIBF for their degree afterwards.

Why did you choose to study a degree with us?

I was looking at pursuing a career in investment banking and LIBF seemed like the perfect place to go, in terms of location, facilities, and networking opportunities. The investment banking modules were good, and I liked the sound of the commercial environment and economics one. They were really interesting and, again, the content was good. You also gain an understanding of how the concepts fit into the real world.

Because I really wanted to go to LIBF, I applied for both degree programmes as my first two choices. With LIBF, it’s a smaller university college with a tight-knit community, which appealed to me. I enjoyed being able to get to know everyone and see the lecturers between lessons.

How did bridge DipFA help with your current career?

I don’t think I would have been able to secure my current job without bridge DipFA. When I was doing the qualification, I was also working two part-time jobs. It was a struggle, but I did find that being in the industry and in the job, I could turn to people for help. If I didn’t know what a concept was, I could ask someone, so it was quite ideal.

How did doing a degree with us prepare you for your career?

It helped me secure my current job, opened up opportunities for me, and gave me a sound understanding of the sector.

The careers and employability team were also really helpful. We did a mock interview before I had an actual interview, and they always gave useful advice.

What advice would you give to those beginning a degree with us?

A lot of the concepts within the degree build on each other. If you don’t understand a concept, it can be a lot harder to catch up – especially on the maths aspect of the course. So show up, work hard and make sure you stay on top of your studies.

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