Career story: helping customers with their digital banking

03 March, 2023Juno Baker

online-bankingCarly Woolmer is a Universal Banker at a high street bank. She’d already studied retail banking with us but wanted to find out more about digital banking, so embarked on our Certificate in Retail and Digital Banking (CertRDB). She tells us about her job, working with customers and her experience of CertRDB.

Being a ‘universal banker’ means that I help customers with most of the things they come into the branch to sort out. We’re problem solvers for everything from opening accounts, to fraud or online banking issues.

Everyone is more online than they used to be.

Having done this course and qualification has helped me understand why you can do certain things online and not others. And that helps me explain it to customers better.

Helping older customers with digital banking

Even our older customers are starting to adopt digital banking. Since the pandemic, they know it’s not always easy to get out and that online banking is a good tool to help them manage their finances.

But sometimes they’re nervous about using online banking.

For them, it’s more about having confidence. They’re often worried they’ll open themselves up to a scam. But once you explain why the system’s secure, what we ask for and how it works, they’re more comfortable. So we do scam workshops in the branch for our customers.

Another thing a lot of them worry about is sending money to the wrong place. So again, we go through payments with them, reassure them that there’ll be checks and show them how it works.

It’s a confidence thing and they’re generally starting to embrace digital banking more.

Studying digital banking

If you’re in banking – even if you’re in a branch network – CertRDB helps you understand what goes into actually setting up the online service, setting certain journeys up and what the rules and regulations are.

You won’t hear about a lot of that in branch, but because we’re always helping customers online, it helps to have that background knowledge as well.

I admit I’m a bit of a last-minute crammer. When I was studying for CertRDB, I did try and do a few of the modules each week if I could in an evening. They didn’t take long, but sometimes I missed out a couple of weeks of doing that. So there were a few gaps.

Fortunately, I’d downloaded the app so I could go through and see what I’d already read. It ticked off the modules as you went through them so I could see what I’d done and which case studies I’d already read.

The interactive quizzes really helped too. In the last month I decided to go through all the quizzes to find out what I didn’t know and so needed to revise. Then I went back to redo those bits.

For me, that was probably the best part and I found it much easier than using a text book.

Working in retail banking

The best thing about retail banking is working with customers.

That’s my strong point. I’m a people person. I like having a chat and I’m not too serious, which is something I think customers quite like. I really enjoy talking to customers and helping them out. And when you do solve a problem and they’re over the moon, that’s the bit that makes your job really worthwhile.

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