Countdown to the Consumer Duty

08 March, 2023LIBF Webinar
With less than six months to go until the introduction of the Consumer Duty, one of the key cross cutting rules is to avoid causing foreseeable harm, particularly when it comes to dealing with vulnerable clients.

There is a clear emphasis on firms to deliver good outcomes for their clients at every stage, including those with characteristics of vulnerability.

On our webinar we are joined by Julie Pardy, Director of Regulation and Market Engagement at Worksmart and Tim Farmer, Clinical Director and co-founder of Comentis.

We focus on two key aspects of the Consumer Duty to help ensure you are ready for what is a fundamental shift of focus to outcomes-based regulation and the need for evidence.

• Avoiding foreseeable harm – Where we take a close look at what this means in practice and what are the regulators expectations with regards to this outcome.

• Dealing with vulnerable clients – Where we drill down under the rules and discuss how to deal with vulnerable clients effectively and efficiently, what additional considerations you may need to make and why you may need to bespoke your processes.