CerWise partners with The London Institute of Banking & Finance to offer a new master’s in banking and finance for Chinese students

06 April, 2023
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CerWise has partnered with The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF), to launch a master’s programme in banking and finance for Chinese students. The first cohort will start studying from 5 June 2023.


The new master’s, the MSc in Banking & Finance, which is a fully online programme, offers Chinese students the opportunity to grow their knowledge and skills in developing and critical areas in finance – including fintech, risk and sustainable finance.


About the MSc


With this MSc, students can broaden their understanding of modern banking including fintech, risk and sustainable finance. Students will also gain a deeper understanding of current challenges and develop skills in:

  • 通过硕士项目课程学习,学生可以拓宽他们对现代银行业的理解,包括金融科技,风险和可持续金融领域。学生还将更深入地了解当前行业面临的挑战,并提升以下方面的技能:
  • critically analyse operational and strategic decision making in banking and finance
  • 批判性地分析银行业和金融业的运营和战略决策
  • being able to have the in depth understanding to improve practices in banking and finance.
  • 能够深入了解以改进银行和金融实践
  • evaluating the impact of changes in customer demand, regulatory change and risk management.
  • 工作评估客户需求变化、法规变化和风险管理的影响
  • commercial awareness and growth mindset
  • 商业意识和成长型思维模式
  • critically analyse strategies in different sectors of the economy and how these may affect the financial services sector.
  • 批判性地分析不同经济部门的策略以及这些策略如何影响金融服务部门

Students who have three years of relevant work experience will qualify to apply for chartered status – the highest mark of professional standing.


Alex Fraser, CEO of LIBF says:

Alex Fraser, LIBF CEO表示:

“We’re delighted to be working with CerWise to help Chinese citizens develop their knowledge and expertise about such a critical sector. This is the first time we’ve provided our master’s programme online, which is a really exciting development. This enables us to increase access to students from all backgrounds, wherever they are in the world. This partnership will provide thousands of students in China with access to global banking and finance education, offering fantastic opportunities for them and their communities to build their knowledge and careers.”


Mark Ma, CEO of CerWise says:

“Cerwise was founded as a global digital-focus educational firm to link high quality resourses worldwide and foster a top global mindset prospectively. Cooperation with LIBF has proven to be a long-term asset. Thanks to the partnership we have a greater opportunity to be close to students, enable students access high-quality education and introduce them to opportunities offered by LIBF.”