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Personal Development Webinar

Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Working on yourself

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Tony Barradell, Adventurer-in-Chief, Clear Vision Learning Ltd

Neurological - The mind and how we think
Linguistics - How we use language and how it affects us
Programming - how we sequence our actions to achieve our goals

NLP is a big topic, with many interesting areas to explore. In this set of three webinars Tony Barradell will introduce some of the key concepts: what NLP is, what it can do for you and what it can do for your interactions with other people. We will look at some of the principles and patterns of thinking, and how a greater self-awareness can give you options for change. It will open the door for you to investigate further.

In this webinar, Tony will be focusing on how we think, and what influences this. One influence will be how we take on board information from our surroundings. What we see. What we hear. What we feel - both literally and figuratively. These are the key senses we use to interact with the world. So how can we develop them? With respect to thinking, a useful starting point will be Outcome Thinking. Knowing what we want and having a range of options to help us get there. And a third area will be in framing (and possibly re-framing) our thinking. The meaning we derive from an experience depends upon the frames we apply. So here Tony will suggest frames that are useful ones. For example, not thinking of a negative outcome as a failure, but thinking about it as feedback, which will help us to achieve a positive one next time.

Who should attend the webinars?
Anyone who has an interest in understanding themselves a bit better, understanding others a bit better and achieving more of the outcomes that they want. This may be in professional and personal life. It is for those new to the topic or who know have limited knowledge of it at present.

Tony Barradell, Adventurer-in-Chief, Clear Vision Learning Ltd

Tony spent the first 15 years of his career working for NatWest Bank. In 1996 he joined a management training company and broadened his interests to management training and development. He now runs his own company, where he has the position as Adventurer-in-Chief! He helps people to become more effective. Sometimes this is through delivering training courses and sometimes through coaching/mentoring. He has a strong interest is seeing people develop and grow, both within their working situation and beyond. He is a Trustee and Governor at a local college, an active member of his professional bodies and provides direct support to youngsters moving on from the care system into independent living.

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The London Institute of Banking & Finance event - Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Working on yourself

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Event title: Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Working on yourself
Start date: Thursday 18 April 2019
Pricing: Free for The London Institute of Banking & Finance Higher Education students and members.
£7.50 for The London Institute of Banking & Finance Financial Regulatory students and alumni.
£15.00 for others.
Speaker(s): Tony Barradell, Adventurer-in-Chief, Clear Vision Learning Ltd
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