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Some of our events are being rescheduled but many of our upcoming events are now taking place as webinars.
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The impact and future of remote working

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Gillian Hayter, Founder, Reboot Ltd

Our webinar will look at pre-Covid-19 trends, the impact of working from home during the pandemic and what the future of remote working looks like.

What does working from home do to your performance?

How will this influence our working relationship in the future?

Even before the Covid-19 Pandemic, significant numbers of workers were working remotely or flexibly through home-based contracts, outsourced teams or project teams.

Sudden changes in our working practices have meant we face new challenges from working apart. We need to develop new skills to understand and overcome the challenges of remote and flexible teams too.

Using evidence from key studies, Gillian will cover:

  • productivity of remote work

  • evidence from the ' CTrip Experiment'

  • the 5 C's of remote working

  • future policies to make the most of our new way of working.

Who will be speaking?
Gillian Hayter, Founder, Reboot Ltd

Gillian is a module leader here at LIBF and in addition, is the founder of Reboot Ltd., a training and development company.

Its tenets are 'Career, Performance and Results' and Gill's work focuses on individuals and teams improving their career prospects, job performance and achieving results. She has supported virtual working through training teams and individuals since 2016.

Gill also works in both business and academia. She is the module lead for a career development programme at LIBF and supervises MBA students at Coventry University, London Campus. Additionally, she has written qualifications for Ofqual awarding organisations and has published 3 study texts for international students - Working in Business, Entrepreneurship and Business Performance & Innovation.

She supports rural business in her role as Vice Chair of the Rural Community Council of Essex and judged & presented awards at the Rural Business Awards 2019.


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