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Digital Banking and Fintech Webinar

People before tech: The importance of psychological safety and teamwork in the digital age

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Duena Blomstrom, Co-Founder and CEO, PeopleNotTech

As the financial services industry continues to transform and digitise, it's very easy for organisations to focus on the tech rather than on the people who create, implement, manage and use it.

In the latest webinar from our Centre for Digital Banking and Finance, we'll be joined by acclaimed entrepreneur, influencer and author Duena Blomstrom to find out why the people element of digital transformation is so important.

Drawing on her recently published book of the same title, Duena will share her thoughts on how high performing teams from any industry "make magic" together when they feel safe, are open and vulnerable with each other, admit mistakes and encourage failure to learn, feel connected and therefore succeed.

Who will be speaking?
Duena Blomstrom, Co-Founder and CEO, PeopleNotTech

With a background in psychology as well as technology, Duena is on a crusade to see lasting change in our VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world, to help companies avail themselves of Agile and the new ways of work while eradicating their HumanDebt.

An international keynote speaker, influencer, blogger and author of "Emotional Banking" and "People Before Tech: The Importance of Psychological Safety and Teamwork in the Digital Age", Duena is also the Co-Founder and CEO of PeopleNotTech, a company designing a revolutionary team performance enhancing work-tool and the world's first solution to check and increase psychological safety for teams.


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